Quality Management ensures that an organization, product or service is consistent. It is focused not only on product and service but also the means to achieve it.

To systematically and independently examine the effectiveness of a companies quality management system (QMS) is just equality important as expressing confidence in your company quality management.

Self employed entrepreneurs are those who do business as a sole proprietor or independent contractor or are in part-time business for themselves. They do not have employees and do not hire contractors in most cases.Small business owners are those who own a business and hire employees, contractors, or both

The most common reason why small businesses fail is because the entrepreneur started the venture as a result of being unemployed. This means they are essentially starting a business with a shortage of funding. Cash flow is often cited as a major reason why small businesses fail.

With this in mind it is important for business owners to focus on lowering costs and saving from day one. Sound financial planning and management of the business is a must, this applies to large businesses too.




Success And Motivation Have A Stronger Relationship